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Meet the Pets!

As I do these weekly non-art posts I’ve been using topic ideas from “30 Days of Blog Posts” I found on Pinterest. The next one up is “5 Pet Hates,” and I wasn’t sure what that meant. Five things I hate about pets? Five things my pets hate? Do they mean pet peeves? 

Plus, I wanted to be positive. Because we have five pets, I decided to introduce you to them instead. We’ll go youngest to oldest.

Ripley (just over 2 years) – Purebred German Shepherd

Likes: me, walks, the red dot, water, belly rubs, running circles around the dining room table, barking at everything – especially other dogs

Dislikes: baths, robins, stray cats, the vacuum cleaner, my hair dryer

My husband has always wanted a GSD, and although she loves us both, she adores me. He calls her my dog, even though I prefer cats. I do admit she likes me best, but it’s more of an ‘I’m her human’ situation.

Tesla (10 years old in December) – Half German Shepherd, Half ?? (Either beagle or lab)

Likes: belly rubs, walks, long naps, snoring and chasing things in her sleep

Dislikes: Ripley when she’s playful, squirrels, stray cats

She once broke a window pane – a squirrel was eating out of the bird feeder right outside, and she went nuts.

Special skill: puppy pushups
Desdemona (approx 11 years) – gray tabby, short hair

Likes: sleeping in the towels, windows, kneading with her claws, burrowing into the stuffed animals, tail tugs

Dislikes: Ripley, being held, strangers

It took us a long time to name her, and I rejected several of my husband’s ideas for being “too long” … but look at what we landed on…

She’s a feisty loner, but LOVES to lay on your lap — as long as no one (cats, dogs, or human) are around. She is relentless when she wants attention.

Opus (approx 12-13 years) – black short hair

Likes: dirty laundry, baskets, belly rubs, pens, small cat toys (and hiding both of those), anything dairy, attention

Dislikes: Ripley (I’m pretty sure that’s it – he’s a loving, awesome cat.)

Opus has the best pur – Desdemona’s is louder, but his is deep and comforting, and it doesn’t take much to get him going. He’s also the best at catching mice. When we lived in the country, they’d come in sometimes, and we stumbled on more than one bloodbath, and he’d be trotting around with one in his mouth, all proud.

Cleo (approx 15-16 years) – short hair calico

Likes: me, blankets, dangly things, headphone cords, naps in the sun, being clean, “yelling” at us

Dislikes: kind of everything (Especially belly rubs – don’t fall for it!) — she’s a store bought cat and seems to have a disdainful attitude towards everything — she tolerates the dogs because she wants to stay by me and she runs the house, but she doesnn’t really like them — and every now and then she’ll “bully” the other cats

When she was a kitten, we lived in an apartment with a long hall towards the bedroom. She was really annoying at night, so we’d close her out of the room. She then would run all the way down the hall and throw herself at the door.



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