Posted in Week 7 - A Few of My Favorite Things (10/16/16 - 10/22/16)

I Scream, You Scream: Ice Cream – Favorite Things #4

Remember that pumpkin purée I mentioned? Well, I didn’t have a lot of time to sketch today as I was turning that purée into a pie. (And making homemade whipped cream, BTW.)

That being said, I didn’t have as much time to actually sketch today as I had anticipated. And although I have another photo to use, I have even less time tomorrow, so I’ll have to use it then. (For the record – pumpkin pie one of my favorite things, because it means Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.)

Today’s favorite thing is ice cream, so I submit to you a humble colored pencil sketch. It’s misleading, though.

I’m not a fan of Neapolitan or fruit ice cream (except Cherry Garcia by Ben and Jerry), though choosing a legit favorite would be too difficult for me. (Other than that, I’ve never met an ice cream flavor I didn’t like.)

If I’m going to use a cone, I choose waffle every time, but I’d much rather eat out of a dish. (Plus, you get all the bonus opportunities of toppings.)

Those concessions had to made as drawing rocky road in a dish was not going to look like anything except brown lumps in a half circle. This I felt confident in doing, and it may be a bit rushed, and it is “take two” (I did one working bottom up, and it didn’t look right, so I tried again going top down.) I am not unhappy with how it turned out, other than the lines in my coloring of the chocolate layer.



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