Posted in Week 7 - A Few of My Favorite Things (10/16/16 - 10/22/16)

Another Non-Sketch – Coca-Cola is Favorite Thing #5

I should note that what I’m listing for my favorite things is not in any particular order.

I love all things Coca-Cola. I have cut back on my consumption (it was a major factor in my need to lose the 35 pounds), and diet anything is gross. I do still drink it, just more sparingly, and I’m quite the collector.

One day, if we ever remodel the kitchen, I want a Coca-Cola theme, so more of my stuff can go on display. There’s a lot out, even more at Christmas, but there’s so much more.

This photo is part of the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge ( for Week 9: Artistic Shadow.

This topic gave me some trouble, so I only caught up to it this week, thanks to this blog! Despite all my theater training – including tech and lighting, I completely forgot about focusing light/shadow, so my initial efforts were a bit blobby, but I am pleased with the final result.

My personal challenge for this photography project is to only use my phone, because the best camera is the one that you use. I do have a very nice, if outdated, film camera, as well as a decent point and shoot, but the one camera that’s always with me is on my phone.

I used my Celestron battery/red light/big flashlight to create the light in a darkened room, shot on my iPhone 5s with a noir filter, and edited using the Darkroom app to increase the contrast and sharpen the lines.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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