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Just a Lazy Sunday

So…I didn’t get my coffee.

I’m not caffeine-addicted, but my favorite part of Sunday (after sleeping in), is enjoying a post-walk hot cup of Joe with the dog at my feet and Judge Judy reruns on the TV.

Thanks to the Keurig not producing, and the regular coffee pot already scheduled for tomorrow morning. I got Judge Judy and a load of laundry, but no coffee.

Regardless, it’s still a good day. We got Subway for lunch, and I’m sitting here on the couch, chilling after the last serving of homemade apple pie, the empty dish still emanating the scent of cinnamon. One of the dogs is at my side, her warm, heavy body nearly pushing me off. The other dog is behind me in the dining room, snoring away.

My husband let the dog out super early in the morning, then went back to sleep in his easy chair, so the curtains are still drawn, and we have the light on, even though it’s not quite 1pm. The day is mostly cloud. It’s rained, but there’s some bright spots of sun shining through the clouds.

I’ve got a weeks-old Ghost Hunters running on the television, and my husband, back in the recliner, has something he’s watching on his laptop. I’m about to either take a nap, take this week’s photo challenge, or work on a fresh new week of sketches. I haven’t really decided, but it doesn’t really matter. One more load of laundry, and my Sunday is free, and it’s relaxing either way. 

Then it’ll be video game time – either No Man’s Sky or Doctor Who pinball.



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