Posted in Week 6 - Houses in Pen (10/9/16 - 10/15/16)

May the Road Rise to Meet You – Pen Sketch House #3

In honor of my enrollment into the Scotland/Ireland trip in 2018, I decided to go bold with today’s sketch. Modeled after a painting posted here: I did an Irish cottage.

Like all my efforts, it has its flaws, but I’m super pleased with it, especially considering how much more I did with it than the past couple of sketches.

Yes, I did start with penciling the basics, then filled in the details with pen.

Yes, I did do actual perspective. Sort of. I couldn’t figure out what the horizon points were on the original, but I did use a ruler and protractor to match the angles. It’s better than eyeballing it, anyway.

Were I to do it again, I’d make sure those bushes weren’t just swirly scribbles. And the “bricks” on the sides of the main part of the house look odd. I didn’t like the big open space of the lawn, so I added grass clumps, and I’m not totally happy with them. Plus, I neglected to do the same on the land and hill outside the wall. I also wish that I could successfully do stone – that would make a big improvement on the stone wall that doesn’t look like stone right now.

This was a nice opportunity to use a variety of pen widths…and to use them in different ways. I used all five of my pens, and I’d like to point out that this particular sketchbook (what I’m using all week) is only 3in x 5in.


It’s the one place on earth

That Heaven has kissed

With melody, mirth

And meadow and mist.

from a book of Irish Blessings



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