Posted in Week 6 - Houses in Pen (10/9/16 - 10/15/16)

Week 6 – Pen Sketches of Houses – #1

My categories are all messed up, but you all probably don’t care. (That’s OK, though.) I had originally wanted to do houses, but I felt really good about blending last week that I changed my mind and was going to do flowers.

Then…I looked at my schedule – midterm papers to grade (and fast!) parent teacher conferences, the Iowa High School Speech Coaches Convention, and I realized I had to keep it simple. And that I’m going to need to be able to carrry my work with me and probably do some ahead.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to challenge myself. Pen scares me a bit, because there is NO erasing, so pen it is! Simple houses, in pen, with minimal ruler use allowed. And I’m using my tiny sketchbook. 

Here’s submission #1 (modeled after som free images through Shutterfly:

I really did intend to use more than just one pen size, but once I got going, I forgot. I started with the middle width, and I really should have used smaller to do the detailing on the bricks and maybe wider on the stones. I used a ruler for the roof, sides, on the edge of t he bricks, and above the stones.

It’s not great and really reflects my skill level (i.e. A lack of skill), but its a start, and I did mess up in one spot by poor planning. You can probably find it, but I think I covered it pretty well, considering I do still suck at art.



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