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Music of my Life (At Least Right Now)

In no particular order, here are ten songs/pieces of music hat I love right now. It’s not a top ten; they aren’t ranked. These are just tunes that are really working for me right now, song that I keep hitting “repeat” on my ipod. Some are perennial favorites. Others are just the right tunes at the right time right now.

This was a tough list to make, though not as difficult as a top ten favorite songs list. Such a list might include one of these but probably not more than that.

“Born to Be My Baby” – Bon Jovi

This is one of the perennial favorites. I really wish my husband would use it in a band sometime, but he has yet to do so. There’s a lot in the lyrics that speak to me about us, but it’s also got a great rockin’ beat.

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” – Flutronix 

You can’t beat the original by the Eurhythmics. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. However, Flutronix is this cool, jazzy, flute duo that really rocks it out. As flute players, they are totally BA, and this cover is especially good.

“As the World Falls Down” – David Bowie (“Labyrinth” soundtrack)

Nostalgia city – this year is the 30th anniversary of the movie. (Which I caught on the big screen a few weeks back.) It IS from my favorite scene, and David Bowie = super awesome.

“Blackbird” – The Beatles

True confession time: I like what I do, at least like it well enough. Except for some more exotic and nearly unattainable jobs out there (such as working in the Jim Henson Creature Shop), there really isn’t anything else I’d want to do. That being said, I don’t know that I can ever say I love my job, and if I didn’t have to work, I definitely would not. And some days/times of year are worse than others. So a gentle song about finding yourself and flying away? Yeah. That’s me right now.

“The Way” – Fastball

It’s just a good song, and I’m hitting repeat for a lot of the reasons I mentioned above. Who hasn’t dreamed of just up and leaving? I’d never do it, of course, I have too good a sense of reality. But it’s a lovely dream…

“Je Veux” – ZAZ

Yep. When translated, it’s another song about wanting to be free. But that’s not why it’s on the list. It’s just GOOD. And I love her voice. I will hit repeat on just about any ZAZ song, but this one keeps popping up when I shuffle my songs. (I think I actually like “Les Passants” or “On Ira” better, but I keep coming back to this one.)

“Mr. Blue Sky” – ELO

Although a bit long, this one always makes me want to get up and dance. Plus, it has a Doctor Who connection – too bad it was a terrible episode.

“The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” – Cyndi Lauper

There are WAY better Cyndi Lauper songs (and videos!) out there, but I’ve got an almost pathological level of nostalgia, and we’ve been hitting gray, rainy weather lately, which always makes me think of this movie.

“Ana Ng” – They Might Be Giants

It’s not even my favorite song by this band (which is one of my two favorites, the Bangles are the other). However, any time it comes on, I want to jump up and down to the beat, and I always tap out the rhythms.

“Never” – Moving Pictures (off the “Footloose” soundtrack)

Oh look – another song about feeling trapped. Do I sense a theme? And it’s from the 80s, surprise, surprise. (Have you ever seen that video of this scene where they take out the song and replace it with ambient “I’m doing gymnastics” noises?)

“If You Leave” – Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark

And……we have another song from a movie celebrating its 30th anniversary. This one I did miss the theater re-release for, but whenever it’s on TV, I watch. If some channel is running a marathon, I will keep it running for the entire marathon. I love “Pretty in Pink” (and yes, I do recognize its flaws, especially the crime she committed to that awesome dress). And she chose poorly – I would have picked Duckie. His loyalty never wavered. I almost picked the song from his iconic scene, but aside from it being Otis Redding, I didn’t know it. 

There are numerous aspects of the plot that bug me, but as much as I love Duckie, I thought it was really weird how he landed Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the end. If he’s not going to get Andie, he should have left that prom scene alone. (But I like dark endings.)
This is a topic I may revisit. I’ll never stop loving these songs, but as you know, our top tunes tend to change from time to time. You know, I dont even organize my CDs (yes, CDs) in an order that makes sense to anyone – not alphabetical or by genre. They are in the order in which I got them. Its so easy to find what Im looking for, because I just have to think of the time of my life where that particular music spoke to me – and there’s some definite patterns.

Note: I do apologize for the lack of images, but I really do want to be a good electronic citizen. In last week’s Doctor Who post, I used many images, none of which belonged to me. I can’t say I won’t do it again, but I feel terrible about it. The one image here is a free public domain image.



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