Posted in Week #5 - Harvest & Oil Pastels 10/1 - 10/7 2016

Is This Heaven? Yes, it’s Iowa! Harvest #5, or Corn as Far as the Eye Can See

Again, no real model other than a coloring book page for shape and a photo of corn in the field for coloring. And I still fear kernels. Since I had trouble getting in the small details on leaves and outlining, there was NO way I’d get the even tinier details of kernels in without making a huge mess.

I’m not sure if it’s biologically accurate, but it’s gotta be close. As I said, I’m not actually a farm girl, and my interactions with full corn stalks have been few and far between. I was hoping to capture the “layers” on a stalk, and that could have gone much better. The shading/blending isn’t up to my typical standard, but I accept this sketch for what it is, and I can see my growth after a month’s worth of sketching.

I’ve got two more harvest drawings to do, and I haven’t decided how I want to finish this out. I’d like to try a full out landscape, maybe bust out the larger sketch pad, but we’ll see. My dad’s birthday is coming up, so I’ll be up in Des Moines this weekend, and tomorrow will be really busy, with work, and doing all those things that I would normally do while home on Saturday. A haystack would be apppropriate — but boring and lumpy. I might do a green apple. Or some kind of gourd. Or a leaf. 
Suggestions are. Something I’m open to, but keep in mind, I suck at art. Its gotta be a reachable goal.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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