Posted in Week #5 - Harvest & Oil Pastels 10/1 - 10/7 2016

Again With the Corn, Harvest #4

Nothing says fall harvest anywhere, let alone Iowa, like a bundle of dried corn stalks.

Again, I didn’t really use much for a model. I did pull up a coloring book page for basic shaping and a photo for coloring ideas,  but no straight-up model like I have for other weeks.

I do still suck at art, and I’m still getting the hang of oil pastels, though I’m feeling more comfortable with them and more quickly than pencils and charcoal. I feel like they allow room for error, and it is helping me break out of the perfectionist attitude that may be good for work ethic and quality but is not so good for creativity and has been one of my stumbling blocks.

It was sketched in very dim light. I stayed home with a migraine today, and I did wait until I was feeling better, but I’m still not quite at 100%. However, even one day off can set me back and even prevent me from continuing entirely. (That attitude is how I kept myself going to the gym, despite my passionate hatred of exercise, and ultimately losing 35 pounds.)

All things considered, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s interesting, because I’m wondering (and hoping) that maybe this medium is helping me find my personal style. Although during week three (homecoming) I did a few sketches without model images, this is the first week I have felt comfortable doing so.

I’m tempted to revisit window week to add color, shading, and dimension to some of the sketches I did. I’ll probably wait, though, and get a few more in the sketchbook before going back. I have a HUGE list of various themes. Yes, some of them are currently beyond my current sucky art skills. Yes, there is certainly value in revisiting old sketches, but I think I really should keep tackling new things for a while.



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