Posted in Week #5 - Harvest & Oil Pastels 10/1 - 10/7 2016

Look at Me, Sketching Without a Model! Harvest #3 – Corn


1 – I’m in a hurry (my students have a public presentation that I have to go grade in an hour)


2 – The only “model” I used was a coloring book page for the shape

…I don’t hate this!

Like the others that came before it, it has its issues, but I HAD to do corn. (I AM from Iowa…) I couldn’t quite get the shade of green correct, but I like the blending and even managed to get the lines in it, which is true to actual shucks of corn. I do have a disadvantage of not being a farm girl, so I don’t actually get to see corn close up except for maybe once a year during sweet corn season. Even then, it’s at my parents house and already shucked.

I know the tassel at the top isn’t quite right. Although there is usually some silk at the end of the actual corn like that, it’s really attached to the leaves. Yet, an image of corn without it doesn’t look quite right. I also left off the kernels. The truth is, I was afraid of making a mess of it.



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