Posted in Week #5 - Harvest & Oil Pastels 10/1 - 10/7 2016

Harvest #2 – An Apple (AKA Oil Pastels are a Bit Scary After All, But Still Not as Bad as I Thought)

Like the pumpkin, it’s not without its issues. I like it, though, and dare I say I’m kind of liking the medium!

I was using the demo on, but when I went to the real site (outside of Pinterest) not all the images were loading. I did what I could to follow the main image that had four steps in it, but it wasn’t as easy to follow as the pumpkin demo was.

One thing I’m not liking about oil pastels, is I have trouble when I can’t get things precise – and I can’t erase these, so that fuzz on the right hand side of the apple is bugging me right now. Sketching with a light hand was much more difficult on the apple than yesterday’s pumpkin, and that created some frustration as I started blending.

The shading and dimension look a lot better in the photograph than in real life. I’m OK with some of the lumpiness, since that is how apples are. The shadow should probably be further back. It’s in proportion to the model image, but not for my own.

Still, I was able to achieve some shading/blending that I know I would not have been able to achieve with colored pencils — or even shaded regular pencil. I am liking the similarities the technique has to acrylic painting! Oil pastels are also helping me achieve a modicum of texture and dimension that I haven’t yet been successful with in other mediums.



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