Posted in Week #4 - Homecoming 9/25-10/1 2016

Homecoming #7 – Outsider at the Dance

All of my posts/sketches this week have been positive, or at least neutral, but now I’m going to bring everyone down.

Technically, our school had the dance last night…and I’m pretty sure that’s how it worked when I was in high school as well, so I really had a hard time coming up with an idea and regretted using two logos on the first day.

I settled on the dance theme, but many things that represent dance are currently beyond my skill level to sketch, and while I was thinking this….and just being down in general today (feeling tired, it’s a gray rainy day, etc. all adding to the mood), I realized I went to two dances in my entire high school career – homecoming and prom – and both my senior year. And I only went because I realized I was a senior and had better do it as it was my last chance.

Dances were not a place I felt welcome. Dances were not a place I belonged. Even when I had friends there, dances were a place I felt miserable and even more ostracized than usual….and couldn’t say it was self-imposed.

(I lie – I did go to a “Morp” dance my freshman year. [That”s “prom” spelled backwards, and it was a slightly more casual dance run by student council as a prom fundraiser.] I was dating a junior [obviously not a winner to start with, since he was dating a freshman] who couldn’t drive yet. [strike two] It was OK, but I was at the early stages of figuring out this was a dumb relationship and broke up with him about two weeks later.)

Anyway, I decided to try to capture that idea. I didn’t plan it out very well before I put pencil to paper, so it has its issues. 

One thing I am pretty pleased with was the fairly strong effort in the contrast. I wanted to fill every space with something– shading, etc, with the windows being the only “bright/clean” spots. It wasn’t quite as effective without the yellow. At the same time, I didn’t want the light to feel welcoming, and I didn’t totally get that right, but to help it, I made the doors darker. The idea there was that even though you might feel like it would be good to go inside, because the lights are “warm and inviting” those doors are dark and dismal, and it would take a lot of courage to enter through them.



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