Posted in Week #4 - Homecoming 9/25-10/1 2016

Homecoming #6 – Game Day

True confession time: I did this a day early, because I have to work the concession stand to raise money for the debate team. (Heck, this is timed to be posted right at one of our peak times.)

Now that I’ve stated that, I kind of wish I had drawn something to represent the food we’ll be serving, but it’s too late now. Maybe that’s what I’ll do Saturday for Homecoming #7, because all I can think of that ties into the theme is that it’s the same day as the dance. (I think. I’m not sure. I don’t actually care about school dances.)

This was harder than expected.


Part of the problem is that I was sketching pretty small, so it was harder to get the angles and proportions accurate, and I wasn’t able to do the script quite right. I added a football to represent the game. It’s OK. I’ve done worse on the whole, and the football turned out better than expected, even if the symbol didn’t.



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