Posted in Week #4 - Homecoming 9/25-10/1 2016

Homecoming #4 – Team Day

This was the ONE day I had figured out when the theme days were posted…then I changed it at the last minute.

I figured it was a good day to dig out some college stuff. I don’t get to wear it very often, as when we do football or team days, or whatever, outside of homecoming week that allow the teachers to wear jeans, I still don’t get to wear my MMC (now MMU) gear.

They started to limit our options. First, it could be anything , any college/university. Then it was limited to the major private and public schools, mostly in our state, though there are a couple of exceptions. Now, it’s only certain ones of those.

The outfit was all set out; I usually do this the night before, but I had had to dig out the gear last weekend. (A basketball jersey and warm up jacket I got at an athletic sale.) This morning – 6am – I realized: What is the only team I ever tune in to watch and cheer on? And what game did I ever attend back in college? (Ok, I saw, like, half a volleyball game once.)

Don’t get me wrong. I respect sports; I’m just not into them.

Answer: Team USA, so this very simple sketch is in honor of today’s outfit, which involved a lot of red/white/blue and a lot of stars and sparkle.

Considering I did it without visual aid or a ruler, it’s OK. Even though it looks like a 12-year-old did it, my biggest issue with it is that the red bleeds into the “U.”

Yes, I am older than 12, and I don’t want to insult 12-year-olds. So many of t hem are WAY more artistically talented than I can ever hope to be. But I accept this sketch for what it is. Remember. I suck at art, and I’m working to build and get better by practicing every day. This blog is to keep me going and hold myself accountable to that daily goal.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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