Posted in Week #4 - Homecoming 9/25-10/1 2016

Homecoming #3 – Beach Day

OUr homecoming theme is “Go For the Gold” – in honor of this past summer’s Rio Olympics. As such, today was beach day.

Again, the sketch doesn’t reflect my own outfit. I don’t have a lot of beach gear, and full out bathing suits would not follow school code. However, anything I can do to wear jeans….so I topped my denim with one of my surf shirts (no, I don’t surf, but I do sunburn easily, so they’re a better outdoor swimming choice for me), a bamboo necklace, a fake lei, my Del Sol earrings, sunglasses, and I took the time to do beachy waves in my hair. (I wish I could draw it – it was pretty epic!)

Yeah, I had to erase, and this wasn’t even my first attempt. I wish I hadn’t needed the outline on the ball – it looks weird, but it look weirder without, so I went with it. 
Tomorrow is favorite team day. I’m going the Mount Mercy route, however, it would have been super cool if I had enough USA-themed clothes and accessories to choose “Team USA.” Maybe I still will….



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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