Posted in Week 3 - Drinkware 9/18/16 - 9/24/16

Drinkware #7 – Things Really DO Go Better With Coca-Cola!!

Coca-Cola. I am OBSESSED. Last year for my birthday, my parents even ordered me some personalized (with their nickname for me) bottles — to put in my 1959 machine. Because I don’t like to drink my calories I don’t actually drink it as much as I actually want to, or used to. (Which also. Wasn’t as much as I used to but was still quite a lot and one of the reasons I had reason to lose 35 pounds.)

I have so many glasses, bottles, and other items, I could do a Coca-Cola theme at least once a month for over a year. Most of the drinkware I own, though, is clear glass, which we’ve seen is not my forte.

This could have gone enormously pear-shaped. Here’s my model:

It’s glass and clear for the bottom but not on the top. It’s reflective. It has a weird handle that’s overly large for the size of the part that holds liquid. It has that cut glass on the bottom that is partly distorted. Yet, I’m not unhappy with the final result. I was feeling very good about it, until I ran out of room on the logo and couldn’t erase without totally mucking up the basic sketch.

I was so worried about having crap for a final product, I took pictures at stages.

Stage 1:

My level of shading is very low, but I was going to give it a shot. Worst case scenario – I had a basic silhouette that was relatively respectable. 

Stage 2:

Not as terrible as it could have been. The shading lacks the subtlety of the model, but I’m pretty happy with it, given how unskilled I am. I’m less happy with the cut glass at the bottom, and I couldn’t quite capture the distortion.

Stage 3 (final):

Adding the logo was pretty ambitious. I had to get it right the first time, because erasing would spoil the work I had done. I should have just written “Cocal Cola” and not tried to do the thicker letters. In the end, it’s just the C’s that are thick, but I did run out of room. It started good, though, and I think adding it did help balance out that weird bottom, to some extent.



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