Posted in Week 3 - Drinkware 9/18/16 - 9/24/16

Coffee Talk – Week 3: Sipware and a New Goal

This week I will be drawing drinkware. Although today’s installment has a very poor attempt at using colored pencils, the New Goal this week is to draw from life – no Pinterest images or Google Image searches allowed! (Full disclosure, there is a chance I will photograph the drinkware and sketch from that, especially if I am not able to to just sit and draw…or if I want to include the beverage it’s holding.)

I’ll use what medium strikes my fancy, although let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be pencil sketching.

Today I did take a stab at colored pencils. The base of the mug turned out OK, despite where I accidentally started shading with the same finger I shaded the plain pencil drawing. We won’t talk about the handle or the mouth. The soft pencil version isn’t completely horrible. (Maybe I am getting better!) Capturing a sense of dimension is going to be tough for me.

I left Daffy Duck out for copyright and skill level purposes. It’s my favorite mug: the perfect size, my favorite cartoon character, and it has a nice gentle rounding at the lip and handle. It’s easy to wrap my hand around it, and it’s perfect for my Keurig.

Today’s beverage was coffee I picked up while chaperoning students in Boston, MA last April. (But it’s from South Carolina. You can find it here, along with tea and other related items. I’m not as fond of the flavored variety, but the Colonial Blend is delightful. It’s a basic black coffee, not too strong, not too mild, but with full flavor. I use half-and-half in it instead of creamer, and it’s the only coffee I use actual sugar in, as opposed to some sort of sugar substitute. (Yes, I know that stuff is bad for you, but it was an easy way to drop a few calories without sacrificing flavor, and it’s only two packets a day.)



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