Posted in Week 2 - Lamps (9/11/16 - 9/17/16)

Back to my (2nd) Love – Lamp #7

Better late than never! It’s been a very busy day for me, but I’m managing to get this blog in just within the day (CDT).
I started off with a group of students at a debate clinic, and we ran a successful workshop on Student Congress.

Afterwards, although the undone laundry was giving me some dirty looks, and even though there’s a full moon, and I”d already driven 2.5 hours (and to and from the observatory would double that), it’s probably the last nice(ish) night to take the telescope to the observatory and give it a try.

It turned out to be not such a great night for viewing anything but a moon bright as a searchlight, but I did learn two things.

1) When it comes to astronomy, I am more skilled than with drawing, but that’s not saying much. However, tonight I learned how to correct the auto align on my telescope when it’s just off in slewing to objects. 

2) I also learned that one of my controls allows me to go to a constellation and choose specific stars and objects located there. (Up until tonight I would go into longer lists in the programming to find what I was looking for. Going to the constellation really narrows things down.)

For the record, I did see some actual astronomical wonders: two double stars, Mizar/Alcor and Polaris, plus Saturn and Mars, and the single bright stars Arcturus and Beta Cassiopeia.

I didn’t get home until almost 11 pm, and I still hadn’t had a chance to sketch, which finally brings me back on topic: tonight’s final installment of lamps.

My first love in the fine arts was music, my second theater. A year and a half ago, I was so overwhelmed running four extra-curricular activities (thespians, directing plays, debate team, speech team) and spending 14-16 hours at school, that something had to go. The decision didn’t come easy for me, and I do miss it, but the biggest time and energy drain came from the theatrical activities, so they didn’t make the cut.

In honor of that, today’s lamp is a simple fresnel with barn doors. (Modeled from the image here: I was happier with the charcoal before I started shading/coloring, but overall, it is one of my more successful sketches this week for all three mediums.



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