Posted in Week 2 - Lamps (9/11/16 - 9/17/16)

More Difficult Than Expected: Lamp #2, or A Lesson in Perseverance

One new goal I failed to mention yesterday was less/no use of a ruler. Yesterday, that wasn’t so much an issue, but today I chose a design that would have benefitted from a straight edge and a little math. (From

As you can see, I’ve covered up some of my efforts. The pencil version is passable. I started from the light-end of the lamp and worked my way back and down. Those are some spindly arms supporting it, although the base should be sturdy enough.

Using the same pattern in my first pen attempt, I created a physics-defying design that would be returned to the store for lack of balance were it to exist in real life.

My second pen attempt is shown, and I worked from the base up. The proportions make slightly more sense.
Then it was time to move on to charcoal. Now, I may suck at art, but I’m not stupid. I knew some of the smaller details (such as the connector joint on the lamp head) just weren’t going to work with chunky charcoal. However simplifying it wasn’t enough if I draw too small. 

The first effort started ok, even if it more closely resembled a theater can light…or a hatchet. But thanks to going back to method one and using the same page of my sketchbook, I quickly ran out of room before I had to start overlapping my initial pen attempt.

Attempt number two is complete but shoddy, as I only had the corner of the page. I packed up at that point, but I could not honestly say I made a legitimate effort at my goals of trying new mediums, so I flipped the page, changed the angle, and took up more space. Above is the end result, and it could be worse. It’s simplified and decently proportioned, if a bit hatchet-like.



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