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20 Facts About Me (in no particular order)

t1. Thanks to my married name, I never use my middle initial on monograms.

2. I was once sawed in half at a magic show. (But I’m feeling much better now.)

3. I’m one of the best crocheters in the state.

4. My three cats are a calico named Cleo, a black cat named Opus, and a gray tabby named Desdemona.

5. The novel Fahrenheit 451 was life-changing for me.

6. We have two dogs: a half German Shepherd, half beagle or lab named Tesla and a full German Shepherd named Ripley.

7. My husband doesn’t know that I’ve beaten almost all of his top scores (including #1) on our Doctor Who 30th Anniversary pinball machine.

8. Although I’m best at piccolo, I play (almost) all the flutes. (Includes alto, bass, and Eb varieties.)

9. I lived with a burst appendix for a week.

10. My favorite band is They Might Be Giants.

11. I expected the movie Guardians of the Galaxy to be terrible.

12. I was VERY wrong about number 11.

13. It took me twenty years to realize I loved science fiction.

14. My husband sang and played guitar to me in a restaurant when we got engaged.

15. I am descended from Amish founders of a major community in our state.

16. Although I can read and (sort of) write French, my speaking and listening are deplorable.

17. I love astronomy and serve on the board at our state capitol’s club.

18. My left hand has two titanium plates.

19. I’m obsessed with the historical event of the Titanic.

20. I really want to own a Mini Cooper with a British flag emblem.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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